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Civitan came to North Carolina and South Carolina in 1921 and 1922, just a few years after the first Civitan Club was formed. The clubs in these sister states were designated by Civitan International as the Carolinas District. Judge Junius G. Adams of the Asheville, North Carolina, Civitan Club was its first Governor.

In South Carolina, the Greenville Civitan Club was chartered in 1922 and in turn assisted in the chartering of clubs in Columbia and the upstate area. During these early years Civitan grew rapidly in membership and service to communities in the Carolinas District. Enthusiasm for Civitan continued into the depression years when economic conditions caused a heavy loss of members. In 1933, the Greenville, Easley, Greer and Pelzer Civitan Clubs surrendered their charters.

Civitan survived the depression setback and by 1947 there were 41 active clubs in the Carolinas District. Fourteen (14) of these were in South Carolina. Also, during these early years the District had twenty-six (26) Governors and of these five (5) were South Carolinians as follows:

1924 T. M. Norris, Greenville 1936-37 O. E. Black, Columbia 1940-41 Arthur Knight, Chesterfield 1943-44 Dr. Coyt Ham, Columbia 1945-46 Dr. A. S. Gilmore, Nichols

In 1946, the challenge to oversee and administer forty-one (41) clubs covering such a large geographical area lead to a proposal to divide the Carolinas District. In Convention at Myrtle Beach on May 25-26, 1947, the delegates approved the division of the Carolinas Civitan District. The Civitan International Board approved this action and the South Carolina District became a separate entity with fourteen (14) clubs and a membership of six hundred thirty-nine (639).


Charter member clubs of the new district were: Charleston, Chesterfield, Columbia, Greenville, Hartsville, Loris, Marion, Mullins, Myrtle Beach, Nichols, Olanta, Pageland, St. Phillips-St. Michael, and Spartanburg.

During the First ten (10) years (1947-1957), the South Carolina District increased its number of clubs to thirty-one (31) with a membership of twelve hundred (1200). From 1957 to the present, membership has fluctuated considerably but the number of clubs has remained around 30 while District project activity has accelerated.


The first major District project was adopted in 1948 in cooperation with local clubs. Governor A.C. Bowie proposed a Scholarship Program to assist young people in South Carolina orphanages toward a college education. Applicants were screened by competitive examination and selected annually. The project was funded through contributions of one and half-dollars ($1.50) per member from clubs in the district. The first two students to graduate were Gaynelle Kernell from Winthrop College and Dennis Dellinger from the University of South Carolina in 1953. This project was continued for many years and benefited many young people.

Fund raising in support of Civitan service projects is a very important activity and the South Carolina District joined Civitan International in promoting the sale of Claxton fruitcake in the early fifties. Fruitcake sales remain a dependable source of income for many clubs.

Other District promoted fund-raisers past and present are the sale of Halloween candy, trash bags, and the Civitan Candy Box. The latter has been a major source of income for projects for people with disabilities and for support of the Civitan International Research Center.

In 1965, the South Carolina District renewed interest in the Junior Civitan program for high school students. Under the leadership of Ed Jones of the Five Points Club, the interest in forming Junior Clubs was greatly stimulated and the first Junior Civitan District Convention was held in 1967.

The South Carolina District began participation in an ongoing camping/conference for youth program with North Carolina East and North Carolina West Districts in 1967. Known as the Civitan Youth Conference and held in the mountains of North Carolina near Little Switzerland (Wildacres), it was moved in the early 1970's to Hendersonville, North Carolina, and finally to Cleveland, South Carolina. Suffering for financial support, the camp was closed in 1989 and from it evolved the Junior Civitan Leadership Conference first held at Francis Marion College in Florence, then at Presbyterian College.

The third annual conference in 1993 attracted 113 youths in three weekly sessions. Local club scholarships are the principle support. Activities are similar to the original concept...except for location. Weekly workshops, planned by staff and campers, provide opportunities to develop skills in goal setting, organization, communications, problem solving and self-discovery. Thousands of young people have been positively influenced in this program.

South Carolina Special Olympics support is a major District project in sponsoring the annual Summer Games at Ft. Jackson. Contributions from clubs and District account for approximately ten thousand dollars ($10,000) per year. In addition, Civitans from all over the State volunteer thousands of service hours to area, state and International Special Olympics.

Other District projects include promotion and support for Clergy Appreciation, Scholarships and Grants, Club Officer Training, Club Building, Membership Growth and Retention and Civitan Education.


The South Carolina District is unique among Civitan Districts as one of only a few that had a central administrative office. In 1971, the District established an office in Columbia, South Carolina to support the activities of the District Governor, Directors and Program managers in providing services to local Civitan Clubs, and as place and means for information and records.

The first secretary was Virginia Sibauste who worked under the supervision of a District Administrator. For ten years Civitan Otis Jeffcoat served in this position until his retirement in 1981. Joyce Westbrook then served as Administrative Assistant to the Governor and District Board and Secretary/Treasurer of the District until her retirement in 2011 although the physical office had been closed several years before. Joyce's association with Civitan began in 1977. Since then the Secretary and Treasurer positions have been filled by Civitan volunteers, selected by the District Convention.


The Key to Success in an organization is its people...especially those with leadership qualities. Civitan has been fortunate to have those men and women of vision and commitment to step forward to guide, direct and energize with ideas and enthusiasm, often at considerable sacrifice. The following are district Governors who have contributed their talent as Builders of Good Citizenship:

1947-48Raymond PridgenMullins
1948-49A.C. BowieCharleston
1949-50W.O. BlackstoneColumbia
1950-51James B. AikenGreenville
1951-52L.A. TurnageHartsville
1952-53Emerson RabonCharleston
1953-54O. Lloyd DavidsonColumbia
1954-55A.D. AttawayGreenville
1955-56Dr. Vernon L. BauerHemingway
1956-57James CondonCharleston
1957-58D. Perry SlaughterSpartanburg
1958-59Wayne ShowalterColumbia
1959-60Emile EricksonWest Ashley
1960-61Alvin E. KunzFlorence
1961-62Julian FosterSpartanburg
1962-63James CrouchHartsville
1963-64William B. PriceGreenville
1964-65David T. ColemanWest Columbia
1965-66William E. King, Jr.Batesburg-Leesville
1966-67Albert B. JollyGreenville
1967-68Barney ThomsonCharleston
1968-69Dr. William E. SalterColumbia
1969-70W.H. MurraySt. George
1970-71Albert G. CourieHonea Path
1971-72J. Leslie Griffin Dutch Fork
1972-73Ralph W. DrakeGreenville
1973-74Tommie W. GraingerConway
1974-75John H. DoudoukjianDutch Fork
1975-76John E. WrightGreenville
1976-77Harold L. ShokesCharleston
1977-78Walter H. Kneece**Columbia
1978-79John BartusMauldin
1979-80Charles W. MizzellNorth Charleston
1980-81Monroe TurnerGreenville
1981-82James W. Seeley**Spartanburg
1982-83Benjamin D. Moore**Palmetto
1983-84Mary E. ThompsonMetropolitan
1984-85Laxton W. HinsonPalmetto
1985-86L.R. "Buzz" Lewis, Jr.Cayce-West Columbia
1986-87J. Sidney DunlapSpartanburg
1987-88Dan GuySaluda
1988-89Mike Merck**Hartsville
1989-90Luther Rabon**Florence
1990-91Ken NortonSpartanburg
1991-92Janet P. LyonsMetropolitan
1992-93Terry Matheny**Florence
1993-94Lura BoggsMetropolitan
1994-95Bryan F. BoboSpartanburg
1995-96Steven C. DoudoukjianDutch Fork
1996-97Mitchell A. Norrell**South Greenville
1997-98Sherrill HolderClarendon
1998-99Jane Warner**Piedmont
1999-00Mike TaylorDutch Fork
2000-01Nancy BallMetropolitan
2001-02Ben RossSumter
2002-03Bill RentzFlorence
2003-04Mary WelchCharleston Lowcountry
2004-05David SimpsonRock Hill
2005-06Jack FanningWest Ashley
2006-07Mike TaylorDutch Fork
2007-08Bill RentzFlorence
2008-09James McIlrathMyrtle Beach
2009-10Fred LockmanSpartanburg
2010-11Carole WellsSpartanburg
2011-12Lura BoggsGreenville
2012-13Don FloydGreenville
2013-14David SimpsonRock Hill
2014-15Misty Konow**Rock Hill
2015-16Bill Tolleson**Columbia
2016-17Doug McKenzie**Sunrise
2017-18Belita BroadusGreenville
2018-19Gary FinleySpartanburg
2019-20Misty KonowRock Hill
2020-21Patsy FinleySpartanburg

**Denotes Distinguished Governor (International Award initiated in 1977)

South Carolina Civitans have served Civitan International on many committees and otherwise contributed support of Civitan programs. The following Civitans have represented the District with honor and distinction on the policy making Board of Directors as Regional International Vice Presidents or Directors:

1937-38E.O. BlackColumbia
1940-41J. Arthur KnightChesterfield
1956-58Emerson RabonCharleston
1964-66Alvin E. KunzFlorence *
1968-70David ColemanWest Columbia
1974-76J. Leslie GriffinColumbia
1981-83John DoudoukjianDutch Fork
1987-89Benjamin D. MoorePalmetto
1993-95Kenneth J. NortonSpartanburg
1999-2001Bryan F. BoboSpartanburg
2008-2010Dr. William RentzFlorence
2014-2016Lura BoggsGreenville
2021-2023Bill TollesonColumbia

* Prior to 1967, the South Carolina District was part of Civitan International Zone 2, consisting of the Florida, Georgia North, South Carolina and South Georgia Districts. By action of the Civitan International Board and approved in Convention, the South Carolina District was joined with North Carolina East and North Carolina West into Civitan International Area 3. Civitan reorganized districts and regions in 2004 and South Carolina joined Georgia and Florida Districts in Region 2.


Outstanding service to Civitan and Community is recognized at each Annual South Carolina District Convention to clubs and individuals through the District Awards program. For the individual Civitan, the most prestigious is the District Honor Key...followed by the "Otis Jeffcoat Award" named in honor of the distinguished former Administrator. For clubs, the most coveted is the Governor's Trophy which is presented to the club with the most outstanding community service program. The latter was initiated in 1981-82. Those who have been so honored are:


1948S. Raymond PridgenMullins
1949A.C. Bowie, GovernorCharleston
Harry L. FayGreenville
1950W.B. Blackstone, GovernorColumbia
William J. BroadwellFive Points
1951J. Wiley BourneSpartanburg
1952J.B. Aiken, GovernorGreenville
L.A. Turnage, GovernorHartsville
1953Emerson Rabon, GovernorCharleston
1954O. Lloyd Davidson, GovernorColumbia
Steve KellyGreenville
Dr. I.E. LongCharleston
1955Dwight Attaway, GovernorGreenville
E.H. SegarsLamar
B.M. Thompson, Jr.Charleston
1956V.L. Bauer, GovernorHemingway
Clarence L. CarterFt.Lawn
D.A. SloanFt. Lawn
1957James F. Condon, GovernorCharleston
J.E. DosterHemingway
Spencer J. RobinsonLancaster
1958Perry Slaughter, GovernorSpartanburg
Julian FosterSpartanburg
Leon T. FullerColumbia
1959Wayne T. Showalter, GovernorColumbia
Eudox HensleeCharleston
William S. TaylorFlorence
1960Emile L. Erickson, GovernorWest Ashley
Charles E.BarberNewberry
1961Alvin E. Kunz, GovernorFlorence
O.C. BlackwoodGaffney
A.C. PainterWest Ashley
1962Charles Q. CarrolBeaufort
1963James H. Crouch, GovernorHartsville
W. Harvey BryantMarion
Joseph P. LazzriSumter
1964William B. Price, GovernorGreenville
James L. Reid, Jr.Columbia
Leslie M. TimmsGreenville
1965David T. Coleman, GovernorCharleston
Ralph DrakeGreenville
Marvin JudyCharleston
1966William E. King, Jr.,GovernorBatesburg-Leesville
1967Albert B. Jolly, GovernorGreenville
1968Barney Thompson, GovernorCharleston
1969Dr. William E. Salter, GovernorColumbia
1970W.H. Murray, GovernorSt. George
1971Albert G. Courie, GovernorMarion
Douglas C. MontgomeryFive Points
Russell L. PowellCharleston
1972J. Leslie Griffin, GovernorDutch Fork
John H. DoudoukjianDutchFork
Harold Shokes James Island
1973Ralph W. Drake, GovernorGreenville
Otis A. JeffcoatColumbia
Walter H. Kneece, Jr.Columbia
1974Tommie W. Grainger, GovernorConway
Edward D. ParnellHartsville
Ray PrinceGreenwood
1975John H. Doudoukjian, GovernorDutch Fork
Paul E. ClarkMarion
Emmett HuttoGreenwood
1976John E. Wright, GovernorGreenville
John BartusGolden Strip
1977Harold L. Shokes, GovernorJames Island
Rev. Harry CrouttColumbia
Charles W. MizzellNorthCharleston
1978Walter H. Kneece, Jr., GovernorColumbia
F. Scott Elliott, Sr.Newberry
Furman C. GarnerNewberry
1979John Bartus, GovernorGolden Strip
Richard A. HipkinsColumbia
Thomas G. SeiglerPalmetto
1980Charles W. Mizzell, GovernorNorth Charleston
Robert E. HinnantColumbia
Ms. Willie PaintereMetropolitan
1981Monroe Turner, GovernorGreenville
Casey EvansSpartanburg
Clayton WamplerWestAshley
1982James W. Seeley, GovernorSpartanburg
Ed JonesFive Points
Benjamin D. MoorePalmetto
1983Benjamin D. Moore, GovernorPalmetto
Laxton HinsonPalmetto
George YoungSpartanburg
1984Mary E. Thompson, GovernorMetropolitan
L.R. "Buzz" LewisCayce-WestColumbia
1985Laxton Hinson, GovernorPalmetto
Paul JensenPalmetto
Sandie SprousesPiedmont
1986L.R. Lewis, GovernorCayce-West Columbia
J. Sidney DunlapSpartanburg
F. Scott Elliott, Jr.Newberry
1987J. Sidney Dunlap, GovernorSpartanburg
Jim HorlacherColumbia
Jimmy SweattRock Hill
1988Dan Guy, GovernorSaluda
Jane Greer WarnerPiedmont
1989Michael Merck, GovernorHartsville
Dorothy FleckFlorence
Jim FleckFlorence
1990Luther Rabon, GovernorFlorence
Douglas MontgomeryFivePoints
Susan H. YoungNortheastColumbia
1991Kenneth J. Norton, GovernorSpartanburg
Carol EllingtonWestAshley
Margaret PottsRock Hill
1992Janet P. Lyons, GovernorMetropolitan
Sharilyn SetterlundMetropolitan
1993Terry Matheny, GovernorFlorence
Nancy BallMetropolitan
Charles H. ThomasNorthGrand Strand
1994Lura Boggs, GovernorMetropolitan
Anne LavelyMetropolitan
Charles RogersPalmetto
1995Bryan F. Bobo, GovernorSpartanburg
Joyce WestbrookS.C.District Civitan
John ClarkeNorth Strand
1996Steve Doudoukjian, GovernorDutch Fork
Mandy Powers-NorrellSouth Greenville
Mary WelchCharlestonLowcountry
1997Mitch Norrell, GovernorSouth Greenville
Hilda CarterRock Hill
1998Sherrill Holder, GovernorClarendon-Manning
Donna ClarkNorth Strand
1999Jane Warner, GovernorPiedmont-Spartanburg
Terri HoneycuttEmerald-Greenwood
2000Mike Taylor, GovernorDutch Fork
Betsy NunneryDutch Fork
2001Nancy Ball, GovernorMetropolitan
Sharilyn SetterlundMetropolitan
2002Ben Ross, GovernorSumter
Debbie HillerGreenville
2003Bill Rentz, GovernorFlorence
Betty SmithLexington
2004Mary Welch, GovernorCharleston Lowcountry
Richard GayLancaster
2005David Simpson, GovernorRock Hill
Michael StewartMyrtle Beach
2006Jack Fanning, GovernorWest Ashley
Dona Lea FanningWest Ashley
James W. McIlrathMyrtle Beach
2007Mike Taylor, GovernorDutch Fork
Jim SeeleySpartanburg
David AtkinsDutch Fork
2008Dr. William Rentz, GovernorFlorence
2009James McIlrath, GovernorMyrtle Beach
Leila P. LongRock Hill
2010Fred Lockman, MST, GovernorSpartanburg
Russel MillerClarendon
Virginia MooreWest Ashley
2011Carole Wells, GovernorSpartanburg
James SeeleySpartanburg
2012Lura Boggs, GovernorGreenville
Dr. Misty KonowRock Hill
Frank DelustroGreater Charleston
2013Don Floyd, GovernorGreenville
Ella MesserRock Hill
Lura BoggsGreenville
2014David Simpson, GovernorRock Hill
Tia EckerMyrtle Beach
2015Misty Konow, GovernorRock Hill
Frank KonowRock Hill
2016Bill Tolleson, GovernorColumbia
James McIlrathMyrtle Beach
2017Doug McKenzie, GovernorSunrise
Sevi RendarisMyrtle Beach
2018Belita Broadus, GovernorGreenville
Frank DeLustroGreater Charleston
2019Gary Finley, GovernorSpartanburg
Sam BennettGreenville
2020Misty Konow, GovernorRock Hill
Patsy FinleyFoothills
Emily WrightPalmetto
2021Patsy Finley, GovernorSpartanburg
Suzi Knebusch Mauldin
Linda NeelyGreenville


1982-83John DoudoukjianDutch Fork
1983-84Lamar SpiveyCharleston
1984-85George YoungSpartanburg
1985-86W.E. "Bill" KingMarion
1986-87Jim SeeleySpartanburg
1988-89Ed S. JonesFive Points
1989-90Emerson RabonCharleston
1990-91Lloyd VoylesGreenville
1991-92Kenneth J. NortonSpartanburg
1992-93Alvin E. KunzFlorence
1993-94Nancy BallMetropolitan
1994-95Jim FleckFlorence
Dorothy FleckFlorence
1995-96Terry MathenyFlorence
1996-97Margaret PottsRock Hill
J. B. PottsRock Hill
1997-98Richard GayLancaster
1998-99David SimpsonRock Hill
1999-00Mary Ellen SprawlsFlorence
2000-01Mary WelchCharleston Lowcountry
2001-02Bryan BoboSpartanburg
2003-04Jimmy SweatRock Hill
2004-05Mike TaylorDutch Fork
2005-06Rachel DrakeGreenville
2006-07Ella MesserRock Hill
2007-08Teanne OehlerMyrtle Beach
2008-09Debbie HillerGreenville
2009-10Leila P. LongRock Hill
2010-11Everette LinebergerSunrise
2011-12Dr. Bill RentzFlorence
2012-13Don FloydGreenville
2013-14Virginia MooreGreater Charleston
2014-15Robin VreelandMyrtle Beach
2015-16Sam BennettGreenville
2016-17Misty KonowRock Hill
2017-18Anna SmithGreenville
2018-19Bill TollesonColumbia
2019-20Martha HinsonRock Hill
2020-21Belita BroadusGreenville


1981-82 Palmetto
1982-83 Piedmont
1983-84 Spartanburg
1984-85 Florence
1985-86 Rock Hill
1986-87 Rock Hill
1987-88 Florence
1988-89 Metropolitan
1989-90 Rock Hill
1990-91 Metropolitan
1991-92 Spartanburg
1992-93 Lexington
1993-94 Metropolitan
1994-95 Charleston Lowcountry
1995-96 West Ashley
1996-97 Union Sandlapper
1998-99 Spartanburg
1999-00 Rock Hill
2000-01 Rock Hill
2001-02 Rock Hill
2002-03 Rock Hill
2003-04 Rock Hill
2004-05 Greenville
2005-06 Myrtle Beach
2006-07 Rock Hill
2007-08 Rock Hill
2008-09 Rock Hill
2009-10 Rock Hill
2010-11 Greenville
2011-12 Greenville
2012-13 Rock Hill
2013-14 Dutch Fork
2014-15 Dutch Fork
2015-16 Greenville
2016-17 Columbia
2017-18 Greenville
2018-19 Columbia
2019-20 Dutch Fork
2020-21 Greenville


1994-95 John H. Doudoukjian


1995-96Ed S. JonesFive Points
1996-97Alvin KunzFlorence
1997-98Ralph DrakeGreenville
1998-99William D. RentzFlorence
1999-00Jim FleckFlorence
2000-01Bill DisonCharleston Lowcountry
2001-02Jim SeeleySpartanburg
2002-03David SimpsonRock Hill
2003-04Don CresswellGreenville
2004-05Steve DoudoukjianDutch Fork
2006-07Nancy BallWest Ashley
2007-08Mary WelchLowcountry
2008-09Ella B. MesserRock Hill
2009-10Kenneth J. NortonSunrise
2010-11Rachel DrakeGreenville
2011-12Everette LinebergerSunrise
2012-13James McIlrathMyrtle Beach
2013-14Lura BoggsGreenville
2014-15Wanda SimpsonRock Hill
2015-16Johnnie JermanGreater Charleston
2016-17Mike TaylorDutch Fork
2017-18Steve DoudoukjianHilton Head
2018-19Wanda SimpsonRock Hill
2019-20Fred LockmanSpartanburg
2020-21Cole PorterDutch Fork


The Civitan International World headquarters Building in Birmingham, Alabama has an impressive wall display (10 by 30 feet) on which the names of Civitans are inscribed in recognition of outstanding service to Civitan. The following are categories and individual Civitans of the South Carolina District who are so honored on Civitans Wall of Fame.


1945-46H.S. GilmoreNichols
1950-51A.C. BowieCharleston
1954-55O. Lloyd DavidsonColumbia
1957-58Emerson RabonCharleston
1975-76J. Leslie GriffinDutch Fork
1982-83John H. DoudoukjianDutch Fork
1983-84Alvin E. KunzFlorence
1985-86Benjamin D. MoorePalmetto
1993-94Ed JonesFive Points
1994-95Kenneth J. NortonSpartanburg
2000-01Bryan F. BoboSpartanburg


-Research Center Fellows-

John H. Doudoukjian

Robert L. Handell

Everette L. Lineberger

Dr. William D. Rentz

James M. Smith

William Leonard Still

Jane Warner

Bryan F. Bobo

William F. & Elizabeth Prince Bobo

Charles E. & Mary McCuen Snow

Edward L. Sanders

Nancy Ball

Steven C. Doudoukjian

James W. Seeley

Jane Warner

Jack Fanning

Eugene F. Bratton

Steve Matson

-Scholarship Fellows-

Sidney Dunlap Spartanburg

Carol R. Ellington West Ashley

Julian Foster Spartanburg

Otis A. Jeffcoat, Jr. Columbia

Ed S. Jones Five Points

Walter Kneece Columbia

Alvin E. Kunz Florence

Kenneth J. Norton Spartanburg

Benjamin D. Moore Palmetto

James W. Seeley Spartanburg

Mary Thompson Metropolitan

Leslie M. Timms Greenville

John H. Doudoukjian

Bryan F. Bobo Spartanburg

Jim Fleck

Terry Matheny Florence

Richard Gay

James Boyd Strawn

Betsy Nunnery

Jack Fanning

Joyce Westbrook


Kellam Allen Columbia

Pierce Cauthen Lancaster

Chris Dysard Lancaster

Dorothy Fleck Florence

Jim Fleck Florence

Anne Folk Newberry

Richard Gay Lancaster

Emmett Hutto Greenwood

Ed S. Jones Five Points

Mattie Lee Jones Columbia

Bettsy Nunery Irmo

Mitchell A. Norrell Golden Strip

Beverly Peebles Greenville

Mayleng Streett

Christal Golden

Will Anderson

Lura Boggs

Tim Parker

Matt Pitmon

John Baker

Phillip Mason

Nathan Crawford

Scott Sowell

Brian Trimnal

Mathew Blackwell

Richard Ballard

Beverly P. Bell

Bryan F. Bobo

Lisa Burgin

Michael Cooper

Whitney Harrison

Brittney Marie MacDougall

Kristen Vigrass

Josh Cato

Colton Crenshaw

Shelby Fulmer

Kaleigh-Shaye Walker

Sean Blanton

Rachel Mann


Nancy Ball

Cindy W. Holcombe

Alvin E. Kunz

Bryan F. Bobo

Everette Lineberger

Lura S. Boggs

Janet P. Lyons

Kenneth J. Norton

Dorothy S. Eason

Jane H. Warner

D. Greg Vaught


On September 19, 1994, club delegates at the South Carolina District Convention voted unanimously to establish the South Carolina District Civitan Foundation and to have the Civitan International Foundation manage the funds for the South Carolina Foundation.

In July 1995, the South Carolina Civitan Foundation Fellows Program was established to aid in funding. The South Carolina Fellows Program is available for any club, individual, family, or group to recognize another person by contributing $300.00 to the South Carolina Foundation. These funds will be endowed funds.


Billy Taylor, Florence

J.B. Potts, Rock Hill

W.V. "Bill" Dison, Charleston Lowcountry

Robert Lawson, Union

J.L. Cassells, Chester

Ed Jones, SC Junior Civitan District

Bryan F. Bobo, Spartanburg

Alvin E. Kunz, Florence

S.F. Horton, Loris

Eldred E. Prince, Loris

Thomas C. McCrorey, Chester

Oscar Eargle, Dutch Fork

Gus Becker, Sumter

Red Baldwin, North Strand

Julian Foster, Spartanburg

Janice Bell, SC Junior Civitan District

Dock Price, Chester

Anne Kearse, Piedmont

Bea Vawter, NC District East

Charles M. Thomas, North Strand

W.T. Boulware, Chester

William Ferguson, Spartanburg

James W. Seeley, Spartanburg

Margaret Potts, Rock Hill

Ken Norton, Sunrise-Spartanburg

Melinda Benson, SC Junior Civitan District

Dorothy Fleck, SC Junior Civitan District

Don Hoshaw, Dutch Fork

J. Sidney Dunlap, Spartanburg

Mac Wright, Florence

Frazier Sprawls, Florence

Mary Ellen Sprawls, Florence

Roy R. Schneider, Jr., Dutch Fork

Charles Thomas, North Strand

Robert Doyle, Sunrise

Mike Taylor, Dutch Fork

Mary Welch, Charleston Lowcountry

Janice White, Peidmont

Glenda Richardson, Peidmont

Daniel Hendrix, Chester

Fred Lockman, Spartanburg

Ken Norton, Sunrise

Troy Herlihy, Junior Civitan District

Joan Hardin, Piedmont

John Huskins, Chester

Barbara Kirby, Peidmont

David Simpson, Rock Hill

John D. Few, Spartanburg

Horace Arthur, Spartanburg

Robert "Bob" Handell, Spartanburg

E.L. "Sandy" Sanders, Spartanburg

James E. "Jim" Reeves, Spartanburg

Leonard W. Still, Spartanburg

Edward M. "Ed" Griffin, Spartanburg

Bonnie Mortrude, Charleston Lowcountry

Kathy Robinson, Charleston Lowcountry

June Dangerfield, Charleston Lowcountry

Jan Ledbetter, Charleston Lowcountry

Odd Juel - Spartanburg

Kathryn E. Robinson, West Ashley

W. Keith Parris, Spartanburg

Katherine Lockman, Spartanburg


The high office of President of Civitan International has been an elusive one for South Carolina Civitans. Two native sons have served with honor as head of Civitan during its long history.

The first was Dr. Maurice L. Townsend, originally from Society Hill, South Carolina, who served as President of Civitan International in 1933-34. At that time, he was a member of the Washington, D.C. Civitan Club. His convention in Toronto, Canada was the first held outside of the United States. Dr. Townsend returned to Society Hill after retirement and made himself available as a speaker at Civitan functions until his health failed.

Dr. John R. Pate, a native of Scranton, South Carolina, served as President of Civitan Inter-national in 1965-66. His home club also was Washington, D.C., a member of the Chesapeake Civitan District. Dr. Pate's convention was held in Jacksonville, Florida.


On July 15, 1992, as Civitan International was in its seventy-second convention in Birmingham, Alabama, candidate John H. Doudoukjian was elected to the post of President-Elect of Civitan International. John was a member of the Dutch Fork Civitan Club, Columbia, South Carolina, and a Past District Governor; Past Civitan International Board Member, and served on several Civitan International Committees.

John Doudoukjian

John was installed as President of Civitan International at the World Congress of Civitan in Hanover, Germany, on June 30, 1993, and assumed office on October 1, 1993 - a proud moment for all South Carolina District Civitans and a promising future.


July 3, 2019

Civitans of South Carolina were excited to welcome Civitan International President Bob Jones and Civitans from around the world to the 99th Annual Civitan International Convention in Greenville. Delegates were treated with a beach and shag party and plenty of sweet tea. The traditional fund raising events, the Breakthru Golf Tournament and the newly named Civitan Fest raised over $240,000 to support our Civitan International Reasearch Center. Read a complete recap of the convention in the July issue of Civitan Magazine.

2019 Civitan Convention

The information in this report is current through the 74th Annual Convention of the South Carolina District of Civitan International September, 2021, Greenville, South Carolina.


A Brief History of Civitan in South Carolina - James B. Aiken, Past District Governor (1950-51).

History of the South Carolina District - L.R. Lewis, Jr., Past District Governor (1985-86).

Civitan Magazine, March-April 1992.

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Office of the South Carolina District, Joyce Westbrook, Administrative Assistant.

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